Thursday, February 4, 2010


Two of the room openings had transoms which we filled with stained glass.

The French Doors

Because the opening was so tall, the doors had to be specially made.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Kitchen

The kitchen was a mess.The work in the kitchen began with removing everything, including the crumbling plaster walls.
The walls, the wiring and the plumbing were redone. The new floor is Mexican tiles.A pass through to the hall was built and wainscotting laid to provide continuity with the hall and protect the walls.The wall behind the stove was left brick, but the bricks were too full of cement and plaster to remove. The bricks were cleaned as best could be done and then painted red. The counter is granite, with colors similar to the Mexican tiles.The cabinets are "Birch Shaker" from Dave's cabinets.A plate rack was installed over the sink.

Bringing Back the Classic West Side Bathroom

When purchased, the apartment had an old tub that was surrounded by crumbling tiles. When the workers started taking down the bathroom tiles, the whole wall crumbled-- it was 100 year old plaster on lathe. So they had to start from scratch. The plaster was replaced with concrete board. For the shower/tub subway tiles were used. The brick wall was left as a contrast to the plain white tiles.
The new floor is porcelain classic upper West Side floor tiles. To fit in the narrow space, an old clawfoot bathtub was found in a barn in Roxbury, New York.The tub looked better when set in place. The bathroom is so narrow, it needed a narrow tub.The walls were painted with a color that picked up some of the shades of the brick.

The Floors

The floors were a mess-- covered with vinyl tiles and layers of glue.But when the linoleum and vinyl were removed and the floors sanded and finished, they looked great.

The State of the Apartment

The French doors were half glass and half plywood or cardboard and covered with dozens of layers of paint.
The only closets were broken and covered with layers of paint.New closets were built along the wall of the office room.

The Claremont Apartment Layout

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